The Outboard Engine Maintenance Rack (OEMR)
(Part #11-OEMR)

Rocke Solid® is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the OEMR, having an NSN and no warranty claims or government-issued quality deficiency reports

Used for engine maintenance and transporting outboard engines from 30-65 horsepower.

The storage rack is a steel tube design that provides the structure and support to house the outboard motor attached to the motor cart without any further packaging.

When the rack is rotated to the horizontal position, there are four square feet on the bottom and four square feet on the top which can rest inside the bottom feet of another rack.  The space under the top tubes of the rack is sufficient to allow a forklift to insert its forks and lift the OEMR. OEMRs can be stacked two high.

The outboard motor cart is a two-wheeled steel tube cart with a wooden transom with aluminum mounting bracket across the top for mounting an outboard motor. The cart handles can be stowed when not in use and when the cart is joined to the storage rack.

Workbench, oil pod, and diagnostic pod are standard for this system.

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Patent #8,235,401
National Stock Number 2990-01-597-2255

Additional Specifications and Details

Clever Foot Lever™Welded in place, the Clever Foot Lever™ standard on all OEMRs. The Clever Foot Lever™ reduces the pullback weight by up to 75%.
Stabilizer BracketThis is located on the cart. The bracket reduces the risk of the engine moving while running the outboard while mounted on the cart.
Storage PodFor tools, cleaning supplies, cables, etc. Lockable. Eight compartments, four on each side.
Locking PinsLOCKING PINS to secure cart and rack together. Key locks or combination locks can be used in their place.
Spare Prop & Hardware HolderUsed to carry a spare prop and prop hardware. Spare prop and hardware not included.
Oil PodHolds up to a one gallon oil bottle.
StackableUp to three racks high. WARNING* when stacking three-high, the use of wall mounting hardware is suggested. Wall mounting hardware is not included.
Work BenchCan be used to work on outboard while working in the field. Great place to hold small tools, components, parts and hardware.
Caster WheelsFor use in shop. (Two swivel, two non-swivel). Allow entire system to be horizontal. Easier to load and unload into truck or trailer beds. Caster wheels can be left on the rack and cart is still able to be removed.