In 2007 the two principal founders of Rocke Solid® started off selling outboard engines to the military. When confronted with the obstacle of maneuvering and moving an outboard engine that weighed 270 pounds (or sometimes more!), they designed, developed, and manufactured a product that is now known as the OEMR (Outboard Engine Maintenance Rack).

Rocke Solid® is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the OEMR, having an NSN and no warranty claims or government-issued quality deficiency reports.

This innovative rack system allows a single person to safely and easily move the 270 pound outboard engine with no additional assistance. The development of the patented Clever Foot Lever™ aided in the advancement of the rack design. Today, we have more than 900 units fielded to the federal government with many more on order.

Rocke Solid® was founded with a broad goal: To build the best equipment possible to improve the activity of the military boater.  The first success was the design of the Outboard Engine Maintenance Rack, which, with its accessories, has capabilities unmatched by any other tools in the industry.  They want to help solve your problems.  With Rick’s 20 years in the Marine Corp; his experience as a RECON Marine and acquisition background and Jackie’s 30 years working in government contracting they understand the obstacles that everyone from the user, the supplier officer and the contracting officer must go through to purchase a product.  Their years of experience is reflected in their ability to listen to the need(s) and determine the best course of action to get the products fielded.

infantcore.comRocke Solid®  continues to create unique and innovative solutions for the military.  Partnering with McShane Metal Products, Rocke Solid® provides equipment and tools for transporting, protecting and maintaining your outboard engine.  Our mission is to support our troops, first responders and all those working on the water with innovative products that solve problems.therankway.com

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